About Lizenso

From Nijmegen to Malta

Lizenso is originally from the Netherlands. The Lizenso team has jointly chosen to move to Malta, with the beautiful summer weather as the main reason. From Malta we work hard on our mission to offer reliable software licenses as cheaply as possible. We also actively work on improving the user experience by optimizing the website and the customer journey.

Lizenso: expert in software licensing

Purchasing software licenses can be tricky. At Lizenso we want to make this process easier for you by informing you correctly and making the licenses as cheap as possible. Lizenso offers new Retail and OLP licenses. In addition, Lizenso offers Pre-owned licenses for business users, with which your organization can save considerably on the purchase of business licenses. We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Team Lizenso

The Lizenso team consists of hardworking software specialists. The Lizenso team from Malta is working hard on the mission to offer licenses as affordable as possible. Here we are ready to answer all your questions. At Lizenso we strive to be better every day than the day before with the customer at the center.