Buy SQL Server (OLP)
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What is Microsoft SQL Server?
Microsoft SQL Server is a widely used relational database management system. You manage this relational database management system with the programming language ‘Structured Query Language’, in short SQL. With Microsoft SQL Server you can run SQL Queries within a database, create new databases, search for data from a database and much more. In addition, you can use SQL Server for data analysis, which is crucial for many large organizations. You also get access to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), a handy tool for creating reports.
SQL Server Versions – SQL Server Standard vs Enterprise
SQL Server Standard and Enterprise differ greatly from year to year. In any case, the versions are very different in terms of licensing. SQL Server Standard you can choose between the ‘Server + CAL model’ or the ‘per Core model’. With SQL Server Enterprise you can only license according to the ‘per Core’ model.